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Troop MMA

Troop MMA is Northern Ontario’s premier martial arts academy focusing on Jiu JItsu, Kickboxing, Wrestling and MMA for both children and adults alike. Established in 2012, Troop MMA has been offering premium martial arts programs to Sudburians and beyond for over 10 years. Troop MMA is home to UFC fighter Mitch Gagnon as well as top ranked jiu jitsu black belts Professor Richard “Monkey” Nancoo as well as Professor Amber Nancoo. Troop MMA was originally established to create a home gym for Mitch as he prepared for his UFC fights as opposed to attending training camps out of town and other locations. If you want to be the best you must train with the best and Troop MMA is home to the best Northern Ontario has to offer. Whether Troops join for recreational fitness, self defense training or want to compete we have the instructors and the programs tailored to each individual’s goal.

Mitch Gagnon

Head Instructor / Business Owner

Richard 'Monkey' Nancoo

Leads Jiu JItsu program – Black Belt

Amber Nancoo

Leads Youth BJJ- Black Belt